New blog….

Yes after more than a week i’m finally back with my new blog, as you can see i have made some adjustments. First of all the blog is in English only, yes i’m sorry for all my dutch readers but i like to be international, blogging in english and dutch is just to much. I also changed the layout of the blog, I like this one better because it gives you a little bit more information about the blogs. Then last but not least i’m gonna change the upload schedule, before I uploaded every other day, now im gonna upload on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The reason why I don’t upload in the weekend anymore… well I have 2 (4 but these 2 still live at home) kids and every other weekend we have 5 kids so my weekend are very busy and I want to spend that time with al my kids, of course when I have time i’ll try to upload something extra in the weekends. On Monday and Friday i’ll uploading a blog and on Wednesday it will be a video.The content of the blog isn’t gonna change, it continues to be my beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog. I hope you like the changes I made, if you have ideas for a blog of video let me know by leaving a comment below or send me a pm.



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