Makeup Revolution.

Yes finally you can buy Makeup Revolution in the Netherlands… I’m so happy because now I don’t have to order it online, what isn’t that bad but now I can see the colors I buy and I don’t have to pay extra shipping cost. Unfortunately they don’t sell everything so I miss lots of the good palette’s and more product’s. I hope they quickly expand the assortment. This is what I bought, one palette, eyebrow kit, Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit and one lipstick one lipgloss.



Redemption palette iconic 3.


Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit Ultra Fair C01.


Focus & Fix eyebrow shaping kit medium dark.


Amazing Lipstick Depraved.


Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer in vamp.


You can expect a full review of all the products on the blog and of course many makeup looks on both the blog and youtube. You can buy Makeup Revolution at the Etos.

Hugs and xXx.
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