ProSet hair care Dry shampoo.

I use dry-shampoo al lot, specially on the day I need wash my hair because it looks greasy but I don’t have the time to wash it, thats wen I use dry-shampoo because it make’s it look a little bit better. If I want volume in my hair I also use dry-shampoo, as you can see I use it a lot so i’m always on the look for different dry-shampoo’s. In my shopping haul from last week you could see i bought dry shampoo from ProSet.


On the back of the bottle are the ingredients. I can’t find anything on the website of Proset about the dry shampoo so i’m gonna use it the same way I use all my dry-shampoo’s. I sprayed the shampoo in the roots of my hair and immediately I noticed that my hair was sticky, I couldn’t get my fingers in my hair to rub the dry-shampoo in my hair. I checked to see if I sprayed dry-shampoo instead of hairspray because thats what it felt like, but it was the dry shampoo. After letting it sit for 15 minutes my hair was still very sticky and i could get it combed. It felt so bad that I took a shower to wash my hair.


This dry-shampoo is a big no no for me it feels like hairspray instead of dry-shampoo, it suppose to make my hair less greasy and give it volume but it made my hair sticky. I bought the ProSet dry-shampoo at the action it’s a 250 ml bottle and coast 1,29.

Hugs and xXx.
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One thought on “ProSet hair care Dry shampoo.

  1. I recently bought this dry shampoo as well, and my experience was the same as yours.. I tried to google more information about it to find out whether it worked for others and I just had bad luck or if it’s just a bad product. Sadly enough, it’s really just a bad product..

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