Clinique Even Better foundation.

I’m looking for a good foundation for years now and I found a good one a few months ago it’s the Clinique Even Beter Foundation. The problem I have with most foundations is that they enlarge my pores or make my pigment/age spots look grey-ish.


Clinique say’s: “Benefits: Evens Skin Tone, SPF  Skin Types: 2, 3
Wear oil-free, dermatologist-developed Even Better Makeup SPF 15 and something amazing happens: Without any makeup, see improved clarity, a more even skin tone, visibly diminished age spots. For all ethnicities. In just 4 to 6 weeks. Broad spectrum SPF helps protect against future darkening. For continued benefits-even after you take it off-partner with Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector.”


I like the bottle it’s a plastic squeeze bottle with a fine nozzle that allows you to control the amount you dispense, I prefer plastic bottle because i’m someone who drops her bottle’s every now and then… But i also want my makeup bottle too look nice, and i thinks Clinique did a great job on that.


The coverage is medium but you can built it up very easy without it feeling heavy or getting a cakey look. The foundation is easy to apply, blends nicely into the skin and feels hydrating. It’s not settling into my pores and doesn’t give my pigment/age spots that grey-ish look. I wore the foundation with and without primer and it stayed on for a long time, without primer about 8 hours and with primer up to 10 hours. I like this foundation and will defiantly buy it again. You can buy the Clinique Even Better foundation online or in the high end drugstore’s and coast 34,- for 30ml.

Hugs and xXx.
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