The “disadvantage” of technology in makeup world.

This summer in my search for a good foundation I got introduced to the Color Expert from Douglas. I’ve tried lots of foundation but always run into problems. One enlarge my pores the other make’s my skin look grey-ish some settle in my fine line’s that ensures my line show up even more….let say it’s difficult to fine a good foundation for a mature skin.


The Color Expert is a beautiful device that measures the color of your skin and give’s you de number for your foundation. You can have it done in the douglas store by their experts or you can do it yourself online. I had it done in the store, they scanned my skin on 3 different places , my forehead, my cheek and my chin. My skin code was W207, then they enter the code in the computer and it give me about 15 different foundations that were a match for my skin.


I choose the Clinique even beter in 07 and it is a perfect match, so whats the disadvantage you would think…. well let me explain. They forgot to email me my code so I lost it, no problem I thought, I went back to the store and let them scan me again. My skin code this time was C206, I told the lady that that wasn’t right because i knew it had to be a W so she did the scan again and again but the code still was C206 or C207.

color copy

Then I tried to explained to the lady that I have warm skin tone, but she looked at me and said that she was the expert…uuhh okay. She tried to sell me foundation thats matches the C206 I nicely told her I wasn’t interested and explained too her that I am makeup artist for many many years now and I know what I need, she smiled and became a little uncomfortable. It’s sad to see that when you sell makeup you don’t know what your doing, she told me she didn’t have a education for makeup artist she just had to rely on the color expert to match foundation. I gave her a few tips to match foundations without the color expert, she was very pleased with that and sold me the perfect foundation after that. I love technology don’t get me wrong but we also need the good old education to stay smart when technology lets us down.

Hugs and xXx.
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