Max and More Lipstick and Lipliner.

Last week I bought three lipstick with lipliners from Max and More and today I’ll tell you what I think of them.


There are three different colors, red, coral and nude. On the back of the pakkage are the ingredients and a little bit information about the lipstick and lipliner.

DSC_0449Max and More say: “Lipstick and lip liner for amazing lips. The combination of lip liner with lipstick gives you an complete and long lasting look. The lip liner will define your lips and de lipsticks gives an extra touch of glamour. First apply lip liner, start with drawing a line along the edge of your lips. Start from the corner of your upper lip and draw upwards. Repeat on the bottom lip. Apply the lipstick. For a long lasting result take a tissue and put it between your lips. Press the paper once (do not wipe!). Remove the tissue and finish with a second layer of lipstick”.

This is the red set.

This is the coral set.

And the Nude set.

Then it’s time to swatch the lipsticks and lipliners, the both apply easy, are very pigmented en feel creamy.


I tried each of them for a whole day and I like them, the lipliners apply easy and are very pigmented, the lipstick feel smooth, covers well and stay on for a at least 3-4 hours. One of them did disappoint me and thats the coral one, because the color is so not showing on my lips, which is weird because it did a good job on my hand.
The red lipstick and lipliner.


The coral lipstick and lipliner.

The nude lipstick and lipliner.

The Max and More lipstick and liners are available at Action and cost 0,79.

Hugs and xXx
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