Yes, I gave into the hype…. I bought a waist trainer and I will explain why. Let me begin by saying that I don’t wanna lose weight, I weigh 57 kilo’s and I’m happy with that. Readers who follow me from the beginning know that I got badly hurt a year ago. One of my injuries is in my knee, the damage is so bad that I never will be able to use my knee properly. I can’t bend it al the way, it’s not stable which means I alway need to pay attention when I walk (and still can’t run), and I’m almost alway in pain. Before I got injured I alway did my sit-ups, crunches, squats and a few more exercises, I did that because I want my tummy to be flat (no sixpack), I don’t want love handles and like to have a nice booty. Now I can’t do these exercises anymore and unfortunately, I can see that in my tummy.

waist trainer training

Because I really want my body to be like it was I’m gonna try to lose a few inches with my waist-trainer, I also will be doing a little bit of exercise when I can (not at the same time because that’s not a good thing to do). For those of you who don’t know what a waist trainer is or does, I’ll explain a little bit. A waist-trainer is a latex corset that’s so tight is make’s your waistline smaller, It gives you a more exaggerated hourglass figure with a really small waist but the hips remain with curves. I have my trainer on for one week it’s a size M, I use it every day for 2 hours and build it up with one hour a week until I’m at 8 hours a day. When this trainer doesn’t fit me anymore I’m don’t think I’m gonna buy a size S because I don’t wanna have a too small waistline. When I lost my tummy and love handles I only have to wear it one or twice a week. If you think about using a waist-trainer be sure to first get as much information as you can, make sure you eat health and drink at least 2 liters of water a day, and if the waist trainer is too tight or makes you breathe badly you need to stop wearing it.

Hugs and xXx
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