Time for a update on life.

There is so mutch going on in my life right now, I’m gonna update on some things. Fist I’m finally done with all the court date’s I had, there is a final ruling for the man that tried to kill me in 2014. Sentencing is 5 years in jail and detention under a hospital order (which we call tbs in the Netherlands) for attempted murder. I’ll try to explain a little bit what or why he also got detention under a hospital order. This means that after he has done his time in jail he has to go to a (tbs)clinic for his detention under a hospital order, there they will try to treat him for his psychiatric problems. If or wen he gets out of this clinic will be up to himself and the court they will decide every two years if he’s ready to be released, This advice will be based on the course and progress of treatment and on an assessment of the likelihood of recidivism through the use of a risk assessment. If you want to know more about  detention under a hospital order (tbs) just click here.

My knee will never be the way it was before, I’m still in lots of pain, need therapy, can’t walk on heels, can’t run, will never bend more than I can right now and my balance is still sh*t. But all of my other wounds are healed there’s on that isn’t healed nicely but I’m gonna get surgery on that one after summer I think. Mentally I’m still a mess and I think that that’s gonna take a long time before it will be better am doing the best I can. I live on a day to day base and with the help and love of my boyfriend and, of course, my kids I’ll get trough it. On the other side, I love writing my blog and making my video’s it gives me something to do and keeps me busy. Both my blog and youtube channel are getting more views and more reactions, which I really enjoy reading. I hope you like the adjustments I made to the blog and if there is something you want me to blog or make a video about feel free to leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do.

Hugs and xXx
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