Which web-hosting do it take?

As the title of today’s blog already says I’m looking for a web-hosting for my blog. I want to give my blog a .com so I’ve been looking how I need to do that. Registering the domain name isn’t that difficult and costs only a few euro’s a year, and most of the web-hosting company’s give you a free domain with a hosting plan. But which web-hosting company is the best for blogging…I’m getting nuts when I try to look it up. Let’s be honest when it comes down to difficult internet stuff I’m soooo stupid, I can write, take picture’s and  I even make my own free layout on the blog, but that’s about it.


I do know what I want, I want a hosting where I can keep using world-press because it’s so damn easy and for me it has everything I need. I need to be able to have easy contact with a help-desk because if I run into problems I need help fast… I want my blog to be fast, don’t want people to fall asleep when they are waiting for my blog to be loading. Want enough space for my picture’s and youtube video’s and, of course, I need enough space for data traffic because I don’t need a large bill because people want to read my blog. So I need help, which web-hosting company do you use for your blog, and why did you pick that one? You can leave a comment below and I’ll check out all  the hosting you recommend. O yeah for the readers that want to know what happened with Monday’s blog, I was so busy that I forgot to put it online. I thought that I planned the blog but I didn’t 😥 .

Hugs and xXx.
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