My easter weekend.

I planned a long weekend at a vacation park for the easter weekend, for me, my kids and my boyfriend. I booked the weekend trough a site called Holiday auctions (vakantie veiling) for a park in the Netherlands. When I paid the weekend I got a confirm email that it was booked, but after a few minutes I got an email saying the park was not available because it was full, and the offered me an alternative park in Belgium. Because we really wanted to go and I already paid we agreed to go to Belgium.

We arrived Friday and, of course, the kids wanted to go swimming as soon as we had unpacked our bags in the caravan, so off to the swimming pool. My boys when I the pool while I put the clothes in a locker and found us seats. My boyfriend and I were in the pool no more than 1 minute when I hear my youngest son screaming “mom Damian bleeds he has a cut his feet…” I get nauseous but my boyfriend gets up to help him to the first aid room and there they decide he has to go to the Hospital to see if it needs stitches. He didn’t but he wasn’t allowed to swim anymore for at least 24 hours and the doctor advised him to not swim at all. IMG_1947

Saturday we went swimming my oldest son had a protection bag over his feet so he could go into the water a little bit, my boyfriend went to check out if the fixed the tile were my son cut his feet but they didn’t. That evening we wanted to eat in the restaurant but when we wanted to order our food we were told that there weren’t any burgers our you could order pancakes. Well, we wanted a burger so we got the car and drove into town to find food we wanted to eat. When we got back to the park the kids wanted to play some pool, you need 1 euro for 1 game of pool, I had 2 euros so I wanted to go and exchange a 10 euro bill but the machine was broke and In the restaurant they didn’t want to exchange because they didn’t have enough change… uggghh so eventually we just went to the caravan and watched tv.



Sunday we had a great day, we all went swimming, for dinner we went to the restaurant and this time, we could order what we wanted, but we had to wait almost one and a half hour before we got our food. After dinner, we went and played some pool (I had saved every euro I got that day) and had a great evening. Monday we had to get up early because we had to leave the caravan before 10 o’clock. We had a great weekend because we were together and made it fun, but I’ll never go back to that park ever again, it’s just not worth the money.


Hugs and xXx.
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