Kruidvat Beauty oil ☆ For Face and Body.

A few months ago I start using the Beauty oil from Kruidvat for my face, neck and decollete and today I’m telling you what I think of it.


On the box everything in Dutch or France but it say’s Beauty oil for face and body for every skin type. On the back of the box are the ingredients and  how to use information.


In the how to use information it says’ you use it twice a day apply it in circular motions until it’s completely absorbed into the skin. You can also use it as a bathing oil and for your stretchmarks. I use it only at night every other day because when I used it twice a day my skin became very oily during the day and I don’t like that. At night on the day’s that I don’t use my retin-A, I removed my makeup and cleanse my face and then apply the oil on my face, neck and decollete. On my decollete I use it every day and morning because I have dry skin there.

DSC_0453What do I think, well I used it for more than three month’s now and it makes my skin look smoother and more moisturized and I love that. But it also made my skin more oily when I used it the way it say’s on the box, which was resolved when I only used it at night. It didn’t make my scars, ageing spots or sun damage  less visible but I still like it. Since two weeks I’m using Retin-A every other day before I go to bed on that night I’m not using the beauty oil, but I still use it every other day before bed and every morning on my decollete. You can buy the Beauty oil at Kruidvat for 3,95.

Hugs and xXx.
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