My top 5 favorite bloggers.

I love reading blogs and today I’m gonna share 5 of my favorite bloggers with you.
The blog I’m been reading for years and years is Kandee Johnson I think she’s one of the reasons I love blogging so much. It is just a sad that she hardly blogs, but if you wanna stay updated on her you can follow her on youtube.
The next blogger is Angie her blog is about the mature woman who wants to look and feel their best while in the hot-flash years. She does makeup tutorials, fashion, skincare, hair and so much more. I hope I look that good when I hit 50!!
Next is Makeup geek I follow her for years, she makes beautiful makeup look and I love her makeup products.
Next blog is Pixiwoo this blog is from the sisters Sam and Nic Chapman. They both are makeup artists and started doing makeup tutorials. Now they also do reviews, favorites and best of video’s and have their own makeup brushes, which I love and own a few off.
The last blog is a blog that’s made in a few countries I read and I love the’s blogs the full of fashion, you can find web store’s, fashion news, outfit ideas and much more. I read both blogs because well I love staying updated you can never get too much information.


I alway love finding a new blog to read, so if you read or have a blog you think I need to follow then leave it down in the description box and I will check it out.

Hugs and xXx.
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